A few words from satisfied customers

Je fais appel à Benjamin les yeux fermés depuis 10 ans pour mes projets de traduction autant médicaux et techniques que marketing et cosmétiques. Benjamin est réactif, consciencieux et toujours disposé à répondre au mieux aux exigences de mes clients stratégiques. C’est un vrai professionnel avec qui il est facile de communiquer, toujours dans la bonne humeur ! Je fais également confiance en son travail lorsqu’il s’agit de remporter de nouveaux contrats, tant il effectue les recherches nécessaires et pose les questions adaptées afin de trouver la bonne tonalité pour satisfaire le client final.
Key Account Manager, Acolad

The quality of the documents that Ben produced is excellent and a cut above the rest, so much so that additional checking is almost superfluous in his case, helping to reduce the overall workload.

Although the subject is extremely specific and, more often than not, the original text is badly written and difficult to understand for an outsider, Ben showed great aptitude and open-mindedness in finding ways to provide a well-adapted translation despite all of the problems in the original texts. This is a rare quality.

Moreover, not content with only carrying out the planned assignments, Ben also actively participated in the coordination of the group of eight translators, bringing his linguistic expertise and his thoughts to the table, as well as restructuring the project dictionary.

In view of his qualities and the experience he acquired, Ben was also able to take on a role of proofreader towards the end of the project.

I heartily recommend Ben not only for his qualities as a translator - his linguistic skills, his young but already rich experience, his methodical work ethic, his reliability - but also for his human qualities and interpersonal skills within the group.
Project Manager, CORYS T.E.S.S.
Ben has done a tremendous and high quality job. Despite his young age, Ben has consistently demonstrated an incredible level of knowledge in French and English languages, a strong will and a great cleverness to understand very difficult technical issues, as well as a real ability to operate and manage not only his own job. Ben deserves a bright future. Help him, you won't regret it!
Project Manager, CORYS T.E.S.S.
Up against a very tight deadline, we approached Benjamin Lamy the day before the start of the Christmas and New Year holidays. Nevertheless, he was able to respond to our request extremely quickly. The work produced was of high quality and the deadline was met. I would recommend him without hesitation.
Chief of Staff to the Vice Chancellor, UJF
I worked with Ben recently on quite a big project (a technology portal) where he translated the first draft of a large number of very technical translations.
He was diligent, methodical and really applied himself with regards to the management of the project, the way that he planned his work actually helped save us a huge amount of time at the checking and CMS management stage of the project. It was also a pleasure to work with him.
I would not hesitate recommending him.
Director of Marketing and Communication, Floralis
We entrusted Benjamin with the translation of two professional reports on interface ergonomics.
This involved reports on interviews and ergonomic know-how concerning a piece of medical software.
We were very satisfied with the quality of his work, which he provided to us by the agreed deadline.
It is without hesitation and with pleasure that I recommend Benjamin.
MultiCom Business Unit Manager
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